From an entertainment standpoint, the finest sound equipment yields the best results. In order to avoid the possibility that any of your guests will feel left out due to their inability to clearly hear your ceremony vows, blessing, announcements, remarks, toasts and dedications, it’s important they be treated to high quality sound reinforcement. No one should have to strain to hear what’s being said due to inadequate or poorly positioned equipment, and by the same token, no one should have to raise their voice to be heard during cocktail hour or mealtime because the music is overly loud in some sections of the room due to uneven amplification. The quality of sound you receive on your wedding day is a priority. Your Entertainment Director uses the best equipment money can buy and every step is taken to assure your guests will hear what’s happening evenly throughout the venue without the music's volume intruding upon their conversations.

Your Entertainment Director comes equipped to embrace any logistical challenge your special situation might present:

  • Setting up speakers in more than one room with independent volume controls
  • Situating speakers around a room for an even surround sound for a very large gathering
  • Sending a wireless signal to speakers on different floors
  • Parting the hair, thumping the chest, and shaking the floor during a night club-style "after party"


In accordance with your preferences, your Entertainment Director can provide the equipment and creativity that will bring your special vision to life.

  • Do you want your monogram inside a heart projected in white on top of a shimmering blue wash of color over the head table? 
  • Do you want the ceiling “painted” in soft pink light? 
  • Do you want to highlight sections of the room with blue up-lighting? 
  • Do you want the banquet hall turned into your own private night club during the period of open dancing using the same effects you see on TV or in Hollywood?

To your Entertainment Director, one of the prerequisites is having access to the best equipment in the industry and knowing how to use it. Everyone agrees your wedding day is one of the most special days of your life. Your Entertainment Director is capable of providing the assurance that your unique vision of this most special day will be realized and enjoyed by your family, your friends, and most importantly by you.

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