Qualifying as a skilled Master of Ceremonies requires dedication and training, and as in any performance skill, experience plays an incomparable role. During a wedding celebration, an experienced M.C. serves as a masterful announcer, your personal spokesman, your liaison with wedding vendors and support staff, and your event facilitator assuring the proper pacing and smooth transition for each segment of your wedding reception.

As the wedding reception announcer, your Master of Ceremonies must be able to effectively direct the attention of your guests so they feel comfortable and informed. He also provides those in attendance with the guidance they need to feel included and to readily participate in the festivities. Proper use of the microphone is an essential ingredient as are the public speaking skills: enunciation, phrasing, inflection, and necessarily good judgement—knowing what to say and of course what NOT to say. Years of repeated exposure and training in addressing audiences in a variety of settings contributes to the accomplished Master of Ceremony's level of expertise and poise required to serve as the consummate announcer, guide, and spokesman for the bride and groom at their reception.

During the comprehensive process of developing your reception plan, by learning about your likes and dislikes, character traits, personal history and future plans, your Entertainment Director will gain a valuable level of familiarity that will enable him to serve as your spokesman in a way that is appropriate and informative. To your family and friends, your Master of Ceremonies won’t come off as an impersonal stranger, but as a friend who knows you.

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