Engaged as the music host for numerous and varied weddings, and after years conscientiously studying how music influences each phase of the wedding experience, your Entertainment Director is qualified to program your wedding’s music from an entertainment perspective. It is from this standpoint that much of your celebration’s success depends. Simply stated, programming the music is what to play, and when to play it. Your Entertainment Director will address this important consideration in accordance with your input. Your style and preferences will help define what music will be presented for each segment of your special day, including the wedding ceremony, cocktail hour, grand entrance, mealtime, special dances, special features, and open dancing. From your pre-processional background selections during the ceremony, up to and including your very special last dance of your reception, your Entertainment Director possesses the skill to weave your musical choices into an entertaining wedding tapestry, adding to the overall enjoyment experienced by your friends and family.

Enhancing the fun and quality of entertainment relies upon good music programming. Your guests will be far more inclined to get out on the floor and allow themselves to have a great time dancing if they’ve been included in the festivities and treated to quality entertainment from the outset. During open dancing, the ability to program the music in accordance with your guest's receptivity is what fans the flames of their readiness to celebrate. After years of experience and practical application, your Entertainment Director has become a professor in the study of “packing” the dance floor and keeping it percolating with excitement and fun. During your initial consultation, he’ll be happy to share his insights, varied approaches, and provide live demonstrations of his advanced techniques.

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